Cloud Solutions

Whether you are looking to archive large amounts of unstructured data to reduce cost, or ensure maximum uptime for your critical infrastructure, Freeit can help.  We offer private, Virtual Private and public cloud solutions.  No matter your need, our expert team of engineers is ready to help you architect, implement, and optimize your cloud.  

Freeit has also partnered with best-in-class technology partners to develop a portfolio of cloud compute, storage, and application specific solutions intended to provide maximum scalability and flexibility.  We not only help you architect your cloud, but we can also help you integrate your existing infrastructure, manage it and develop a growth strategy to help save time and money.

Private Cloud

Free it can help you architect, implement and manage a scalable, on-premise solution to fit your specific needs.  On-premise solutions provide greater security, offer complete customization and allow you to choose your technology and in some case provision existing technology.


  • More Secure
  • Choice of Hardware
  • Complete Customization
  • Use Existing Technology

Virtual Private Cloud

A Virtual Private Cloud provides greater flexiblity than the on-premise private cloud.  With a VPC, you can provision compute, networking, and storage resources as needed.  You have complete control over your virtual environment, and unlimited scalability without the upfront expense of purchasing the technology and hiring someone to manage it.


  • Increase Scalability
  • Decreased Capital Cost
  • Instant Infrastructure

Cloud Backup/DR Services:

Freeit offers a variety of cloud backup and DR solutions ranging from Freeit's own Data Mover platform designed to help you manage your unstructured data to a backup service designed specifically to integrate with one of our 40+ technology partners' products.

  • Freeit Data Mover - Simple Cloud Migration
  • Vendor Specific Backup/DR-as-a-service
  • Archiving-as-a-service
  • DR-as-a-service

Cloud Integration & Automation:

Freeit can help you find the right combination of technology and services to allow for a self-service cloud that provides a secure, on-demand, and highly automated infrastructure, regardless of your compute, network, storage, and/or application needs.  We are technology generalist and our team of engineers has experience with almost every time of technology in use.  We lean heavily on this expertise to develop a migration/integration strategy to ensure your transition to the cloud is a seamless as possible.

Why Freeit?

  • We have extensive knowledge and experience working with many different types of cloud environments.
  • We have partnered with only the best technology partners in the business.
  • Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to fit your needs, regardless of technology type.