Why Choose Freeit?

Proven Success

Over 80% of all Freeit customers manage more than 1 PB of data within their organization. Enterprise data management is our forte, and our partnerships with today’s best OEM’s give our customers access to multiple large storage options. For example, we offer clustered storage, allowing for virtualized storage that is scalable to tens of petabytes.

Reliable Solutions

Over 75% of all Freeit customers replicate data within their organization. Freeit can help you develop a rock-solid backup and recovery strategy. Got critical information you need to replicate? We’re also experts at protecting mission critical applications, ensuring that your data is attainable and easy to access.

Experienced Staff

Freeit has over 40 years of combined experience providing enterprise technology solutions. We combine this with the latest industry expertise and a relationship driven approach to ensure that our customers receive the best solution to meet their budget, timeline, and technical needs. Our personal approach promises that you’ll work with a team member who knows you, your company, and your needs – every time.

Trusted Experts

Three out of five of Texas’ largest metro cities trust Freeit for their IT needs. Freeit’s infrastructure solutions are the perfect answer for cities’ large storage requirements: Dallas, Austin and San Antonio municipalities have all contracted with Freeit for storage infrastructure needs. As organizations are constantly tasked to do more with less, we can help you maximize the efficiency of your current environment and meet the demands of tomorrow.

Tailored to Fit

We have customers in every major vertical known to man.  We understand one size doesn’t fit all and we have a solution just for you. From education to healthcare to City municipalities, we have an answer for your data management needs. Our goal is to provide you with a clear, concise technology roadmap and strategic IT plan.

Strategic Relationships

Freeit has selectively partnered with over 30 of today’s best enterprise technology vendors. We partner with the best-in-class OEMs, and we continue to evaluate new potential partners and technology solutions all the time. These partnerships allow us to offer our customers solutions to virtually any data management challenge.