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The Evolving Role of Flash in the Virtual Data Center

You are invited to join Freeit & PernixData at Perry’s Steakhouse on Friday Oct 25th to learn about "The Evolving Role of Flash in the Virtual Data Center”.  Register Today!

Satyam VaghaniPernixData CTO and co-founder, Satyam Vaghani, will discuss how virtualization has changed the way modern data centers operate with a specific focus on storage systems.

IT administrators need to efficiently scale storage performance to keep pace with application demands. Flash storage is seen as savior to storage I/O bottlenecks, but implementing Flash can be confusing. Should it go in your SAN? Servers? Both? Furthermore what key features (e.g. write acceleration, clustering, etc) are required to turn Flash into an effective tool for accelerating storage performance across an entire data center?

In this demonstration, Satyam will highlight:

  • Pros and cons of various Flash deployment methodologies
  • Best practices for using Flash to accelerate storage performance
  • Real world benefits of a Flash Hypervisor™
    • Lower VM latencies
    • Increased IOPS
    • Improved storage utilization

At the event, we will also be giving away a pair of Flash Drives (SSDs) to two lucky winners. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to meet with a luminary in the virtualization space.

  • Where: Perry’s Steak House
  • When: Friday October 25th
  • Time: 11:30 - 1:30 pm

Register Today!

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