Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS

The World's First Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS

Qumulo has fundamentally changed the way enterprises store and manage enormous numbers of digital assets. Through data-aware scale-out NAS software, they enable customers to answer critical questions about their data footprint in real-time and at incredible scale.

  • Real-time analytics are built directly into the Qumulo Scalable File System (QSFS) enabling instant answers about your data footprint, and how it’s being used, at scale.
  • Built on Linux, Qumulo Core runs on commodity hardware, on dedicated appliances, or in virtual machines providing the ultimate flexibility and cost advantages.
  • Qumulo Core is optimized for the widest range of workloads and file sizes including transactional and sequential access patterns and small and large files.

Qumulo Core Architecture:


The Qumulo Core architecture was designed to work across all client/application layers, from Windows to UNIX/Linux to Mac. Interactive screenshots of the Qumulo Core software web UI are below. Roll over the images for descriptions on each.