Data Migration

Data Migration Overview

Whether you're consolidating, upgrading, or repurposing, data migrations can consume a large portion of your budget and personnel resources. Freeit provides proven data migration services through an appliance-based, block-level process. Our simplified process is a great non-disruptive alternative to the error-prone, host-based solutions that commonly cause downtime & performance issues.

Our services include:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Storage Systems Preparation
  • Pre-migration Testing
  • Online or Offline Migration
  • LUN Migration
  • Data Sanitization
  • Failsafe & Fall-back Planning

We support:

  • Multiple locations - local or remote
  • Multiple servers and storage systems on multiple 
OS platforms
  • Multiple maintenance windows in online or offline background sessions
  • Multiple migration methods occurring simultaneously

Our migration services can dramatically increase the performance and efficiency of your environment. Freeit’s turnkey migration services not only reduce project risk but also save time and money with a faster, more economical delivery than in-house alternatives.

Freeit migration benefits:

  • No business interruption - migrate data in the background or offline
  • Saves time - 4-6 times faster than host-based migration methods
  • On-time completion – Our simplified migration process can automate the most labor-intensive procedures.
  • Flexible migration services - SAN, SAN and NAS, specialized LUN, or legacy systems
  • Non-intrusive –We can migrate data while systems remain online, without changes to the SAN or host systems. No agents or software are required.
  • Simplicity & transparency - Our migration process simplifies planning and coordination and provides control and visibility of all key migration steps.