Backup & Recovery

Did you remember to back that up? With more and more data being created every day, it’s hard to keep pace with security concerns, regulations, and data-loss. Freeit can help you develop a rock-solid backup and recovery strategy.

Maximize Hardware Utilization and Reduce TCO

We help you identify how much data you should save and for what length of time. Backup environments should be fully utilized and should integrate into your comprehensive IT environment for business continuity. We work directly with you to build a retention strategy, reducing your long-term TCO.

Streamline Management & IT Operations

We help you significantly reduce day-to-day management complexity and streamline operations, eliminating the complex management typically tied to BC/ DR software solutions. Many manual tasks associated with a common DR solution can be automated with the correct technology, reducing or eliminating errors.

BC/DR for Mission-Critical Applications

Protecting mission-critical applications does not only mean duplicating data. It’s about reliable application recovery, mitigating common errors, and frequently testing failure to ensure that recovery is available when necessary.

Customized for a Virtual World

Virtualization and cloud benefits include increased flexibility, enhanced asset utilization and lower maintenance and operational costs. Unfortunately, historical business solutions for virtual mission-critical applications hinder these benefits; they are complex to manage, don’t support advanced virtualization, and require added hardware and software resources. Any benefit that is added when the application is virtualized – reduced costs, streamlined management – is lost. As a result, your IT strategy doesn’t align and you must juggle a virtual production environment in addition to a physical duplication solution.

Why Freeit?

  • We have extensive knowledge and experience working with many different types of storage environments.
  • We have partnered with only the best virtual and physical backup partners in the business.
  • Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to fit your needs regardless of technology type.