Big Data Storage

Object Storage provides a low cost, easy to maintain, ultra-scalable platform for storing the massive amounts of data being generated by employees & clients every minute. With Object Storage, any file of any size, from documents to photos to videos, can be stored and accessed from anywhere via http and API. All of this can be accomplished while lowering cost and retaining complete control over your data.

Object Storage Provides:

  • Reduced Complexity at Every Layer
  • Sustainable Scale with Plug-in-play Expansion
  • Reduced Hardware & Operational Costs
  • 360 Degree Data Analytics

How it Works

Large amounts of unstructured data is created every minute.  Through object storage, this data is sent via HTTP to commodity hardware where it is tagged with appropriate meta-data.  Because object storage can be deployed on commodity type hardware, there isn't any complicated file system architecture, or proprietary platform necessary.  Storage arrays can be hybrid, low cost, mixed environment of brand and technology types.  Additionally, tagging allows for quick identification and retrieval of complete objects via HTTP or API.

Benefits of Object Storage:

  • Easy to Use - Access via HTTP or API
  • High Ingest Rates - 12GB/sec on a 1PB cluster
  • Easy to Maintain - 1 sysadmin manages 10+PBs
  • Rapid Retrieval - zero IOPs to the first bit of any file
  • Simple/Extensive Scalability - Boot from Bare Metal, billions of files & exabytes of data
  • Long-term Preservation - Replace/Expand under the data

Why Freeit

  • We have extensive knowledge and experience working with many different types of data storage environments.
  • We have partnered with only the best technology partners in the business.
  • Our goal is to provide you with the best solution to fit your needs, regardless of technology type.