How to Help Texans Recover from 2021 Winter Storms

Freeit Data Solutions is proud to call Texas our home. Like many residents, we are devastated to see fellow Texans struggling to access essential resources like food and drinking water in combination with clean-up and post-storm repairs to homes and businesses.

If you are looking to give back to the community, here is a list of organizations that could use your time or donations.

  • Feeding Texas – Donations go to support various food banks across the state of Texas.
  • Airbnb Open Homes – Temporary housing to people who need a place to call home until post-storm repairs are completed.
  • West Street Recovery – Houston nonprofit working to clean out flooded homes and make other repairs.
  • Meals on Wheels Central Texas – Home repair program for seniors, veterans, and those living with disabilities.
  • Texas Farmer Winter Storm Relief – Organized by Central Texas Young Farmers to help farmers recover from the winter storm.
  • Feed The People Dallas – Dallas mutual aid group collecting and distributing goods to residents impacted by the storm.
  • Mercy Chefs – Providing hot meals, clean drinking water, and USDA Farmers to Families grocery boxes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  • Austin Disaster Relief Network – Austin nonprofit accepting donations to help buy gift cards, pay for emergency housing and transportation, and supplies for people impacted by weather-related incidents.
  • The Austin EMS Relief Fund – The Austin EMS Association is collecting monetary donations for its fund to help feed first responders/medics during the storm.