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Dave Larson - Solutions ArchitectWe would like to introduce Dave Larson.  Dave is a Solutions Architect at Freeit.  His industry knowledge and experience provide a unique perspective into the world of Enterprise IT.  We will update this blog periodically with insights from Dave and the Freeit team regarding IT trends in the areas of Backup & Recovery, Storage (SAN, NAS & Object), Virtualization and other enterprise technologies of interest.  This blog isn’t meant to be a how-to guide, used to rate or formally review products, or recommend one solution over another.  Our hope for this blog is that the information we share is both insightful and applicable to your everyday life as an IT professional.

About Dave

Dave is an 8 year Veteran of the U.S. Army. Trained as a Signals Intelligence Analyst, which provided him the knowledge, training and experience to analyze lots of raw data and make conclusions through assessment and analysis.  These skills has proven as a very valuable foundation as Dave made his decision to pursue a career in Information Technology.  Dave holds his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Information Technology

After the military Dave worked for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as a Tru64 UNIX / Alpha Server Engineer.  This provided his first opportunity working with companies and how they used information technology.  After working at DEC, Dave went to work for Lawson Software in the Healthcare division as a Technical Consultant.  His primary responsibility was doing installs of the Lawson Software, Application Administration, Teaching Technical Classes and providing consulting services with Lawson ERP application security.   Dave spent his time at Lawson Software learning a foundation of ERP experience and how companies use technology for business services.  Dave also performed Lawson Application installs in over 40 Hospitals and Healthcare organizations across the United States. During Dave’s time at Lawson software he also obtained his Oracle DBA certification.

After leaving Lawson Software, Dave worked at a company specializing in enterprise data, analytics and Data Warehousing as a UNIX/Database Engineer.  He learned how to do  performance tuning for Oracle data warehouses and  tune the  storage area network and server infrastructure to maximize performance. After leaving Axiom, Dave was the Practice manager for an Oracle ERP consulting company.  Dave’s background with UNIX, DBA, ERP and data warehousing was a natural transition to learning Oracle Financials.  He managed technical UNIX and DB Administrators that provided consulting services to Oracle database and Oracle Financials customers.  Dave also established a new business practice providing remote ERP, DBA, UNIX administration services in addition to the hosting of Oracle ERP environments at a co-location data center.

Over  the next 10 years Dave has held positions as an Infrastructure manager for a construction company and then as a PeopleSoft ERP manager, Data Warehouse Manager, and Infrastructure manager with focus with Databases, SAN, UNIX, and Virtualization for an energy company.  The last 4 years Dave has  been working as a Enterprise Architect and Storage Solutions Architect for a Solutions Integrator.  Dave has specialized with storage and backup recovery products from all the major storage and backup vendors.

We are excited to have Dave as part of the Freeit team and look forward to utilizing his knowledge and expertise to help our current and future customers grow.

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