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Freeit Data Solutions is an Austin-based IT services and solutions company that designs and deploys data center solutions for mid to large-sized companies, enabling them to better manage and protect their data. Our team members strive to create innovative IT solutions and data center deployments for all levels of customers.
Since 2010, we have helped enterprise, commercial, state and local governments, hospitals and schools with their technology needs.
We are always expanding and staying at the forefront of technology changes in the industry. We look forward to working with you too.

Freeit Values

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Customer Focused

We believe our role is simple. We are advocates for our customers. We work for them, seamlessly integrating as members of their core team. They count on us, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our customer relationships are built on trust and integrity. These relationships form the very bedrock of our company.


We are not bystanders. Our work ethic differentiates us from the crowd. Our initiative is reflected in how we bring fresh ideas to problems, go the extra mile to solve customer issues, and fill in gaps that others may miss. We share a deep desire to be better than the rest. We don’t take shortcuts, instead delivering exemplary service every single time.

Personal & Professional Growth

We understand that people are our greatest asset. And, of course, each of us requires our own personal nourishment to grow. We recognize and encourage growth through sharing, training and building relationships. We believe these kinds of interactions build strong, soulful companies. Embracing our similarities and our differences gives us the strength and maturity to grow as people.


We believe in giving back. Our base may be in Austin, but we consider the entire world our community. As a result, we make it a point to pitch in right here at home and abroad. We’re involved with Project Helping Hands, the Hero’s 911 Run, the Run for the Water and other local charities. And we’re always open to doing what we can to help on a national and even global level.

Why Work With Freeit?

Vendor Agnostic

Our main focus is solving your data and security problems. Our unbiased solutions ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Experienced Solutions Architects

Freeit solutions architects bring with them years of experience to help you make informed decisions.

Streamlined Process

From start to finish Freeit will guide you through the process of choosing a solution to your IT problem, implementing and maintaining a secure system.

Faster Solutions

We’ve helped other companies with the same issues you’re facing now. We’ll help you solve your problem quicker.

Simple Solutions Big Results

Hear about our results straight from our clients:

Work With Us

Getting started is simple. Send us a message and we’ll quickly get back with you to schedule a consultation to get to know you and your specific IT and cybersecurity needs.