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Pick the Cloud That’s Right For You

Ready to fully embrace digital transformation? We can help you implement forward-thinking public cloud solutions.

Need to transition legacy IT systems to newer cloud formats? A well-rounded hybrid cloud solution from Freeit can keep you on track to legacy infrastructure modernization.

Access Your Data Anywhere, Anytime

The cloud isn’t always a good fit for every organization. But if you find yourself wanting more flexibility, mobility, and scalability, it’s time to consider your options. The benefits don’t stop there, either.

Predictable Costs

Hybrid cloud services are easy to integrate into an IT budget. You pay a recurring fee based on your cloud infrastructure needs, so you never waste money on unnecessary resources.

Always Available

Downtime is the nemesis of all organizations. Hybrid cloud solutions give you unparalleled uptime through guaranteed SLAs, letting you stay productive at all times.

Better Collaboration

Hybrid cloud solutions give your organization the means to securely share data among teams. That means better collaboration with a boost in productivity.

Hybrid Cloud Features

Data Access

Flexibility through secure anytime, anywhere access to your data.

Utilize Existing Hardware

Custom cloud infrastructures that let you use your existing hardware.

Conencted Through the Cloud

Functional cloud migrations to move your data seamlessly throughout workspaces.

Utilize Existing Clouds

Optimization of existing clouds to run more securely and with better performance.

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