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Freeit Cybersecurity, data protection & availability, vulnerability management, identity, endpoint protection, network, governance

Modern Technology Solutions for Complex Security Challenges

Protect your organization with security solutions from Freeit. Our goal is to simplify technology and its implementation to make the most of your time and resources.

Keep Your Data Fully Protected

Our pre-vetted cutting-edge technologies simplify a confusing loud space with infinite options. We leverage our longstanding partnerships with the top IT security vendors to deliver solutions that protect the many ways our clients engage with vendors, prospects, customers, and agencies. Simply put: Freeit has the expertise to protect the way you do business.

Risk Reduction

Improve your security posture by hardening your infrastructure and protecting your endpoints to prevent breaches. Rest easy knowing your data is secure, in compliance, and moving your business forward.

Custom Architecture

Your industry requirements. Your operations. Your customers. Partnering with our solutions architects brings expertise in complex data and cloud security solutions to your business for optimized protection.

Time Saving

Cybersecurity can require lots of time and effort. A custom, software-defined cybersecurity solution can automate your security to keep you up-to-date and protected without wasting resources.

Cybersecurity Features

Data Encryption

Protect your data through encryption and have control over who can see what, when, and where.

Data Recovery

In worst-case scenarios know that your data can be quickly back up and running.

Data Compliance

Define and implement data governance rules that meet regulations and your business needs.

Network Achitecture

Assess connectivity and accessibility for your network to develop effective protection measures, such as a Zero Trust model.

Identity and Access Control

Give your users access to the resources that they need, while preventing access to systems or tools that are unauthorized.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection creates a secure enterprise network and proves greater control and insight into the access points of the network.

“Their knowledge, expertise, and comfort level in vetting out solutions is superior to any other company I’ve worked with.”
Paul Garcia
IT Director, Capitol Credit Union

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