Why do small businesses choose Freeit?
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Freeit has affordable and modern data and security solutions to help you grow your business.

Affordable Solutions

We understand the many budget constraints of operating a small business. That is why we offer many “point solution” options that provide many of the features and functions of larger, more expensive IT solutions at a fraction of the cost. And, they’re both easy to integrate and operate.

Focus On Your Business Growth

Whether you’re outsourcing applications to the cloud, or building out your core infrastructure internally, the right technology can help you work faster and smarter. We help you integrate technology into your core business to ensure uninterrupted and successful business operations for years to come.

Modern Cloud Solutions

Freeit offers private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions. Our expert team of engineers is ready to help you architect, implement, and optimize your cloud to the way you need it. Our partnerships with best-in-class technology partners provide maximum scalability and flexibility to your business.

What can Freeit Do For Your Small Business?

Avoid Disaster

  • Create a foolproof disaster recovery technology strategy
  • Choose from several best-in-class DR vendors
  • Deploy solutions that focus on data redundancy and security

Focus On Customer Service

  • Ensure 24/7 availability and reliability of your data
  • Streamline IT environments to reduce potential errors
  • Deliver a seamless tech experience to customers

Lower Costs

  • Consolidate existing tech with modern IT solutions
  • Identify and advise you on IT infrastructure bottlenecks
  • Consult on and assist with cost-saving custom IT solutions

Small Businesses That Trust Freeit


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