Why do enterprises choose Freeit?
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Freeit has affordable and modern data and security solutions to help you grow your business.

Gain an Advantage With Technology

It’s more important than ever to stay one step ahead of the competition. The right technology helps your organization gain that advantage. VDI, big data, HCI – we’ve got the experience providing enterprise-class IT solutions that put you a step ahead of your competitors.

Attain Sustainable Business Growth

Growth is a good thing, but rapid and unexpected growth can sometimes wreak havoc on your IT infrastructure. We help you develop a solid technology growth strategy that scales to your needs. In short, we ensure that you never experience technology bottlenecking as you evolve.

Deploy Integrated IT Solutions That Work

We fully vet each partner solution to ensure their technologies meet your business needs. Our team of professionals will seamlessly integrate new technology into your current IT environment. Our integrations save time and money while giving you the most modern solutions around.

What can Freeit Do For Your Enterprise?

Improve Customer Service

  • Improve availability and accessibility of customer data
  • Streamline IT environments to provide accurate information
  • Deliver a seamless technology experience to customers

Maintain Compliance

  • Increase your time to delivery speed and reliability
  • Fully secure the data of your clients and your organization
  • Evolve your IT infrastructure with changing regulations

Streamline the Budget

  • Identify areas of inefficiency within your IT environment
  • Consult with you to provide ideal IT solutions
  • Create IT solutions that last longer and work better

Customers That Trust Freeit

“Our new, faster, and considerably more stable billing system has had a big impact,” said Fogle. “I’m very happy with the results. Now our service managers run a report and they get it in 30 seconds. That’s helping us dramatically improve our customer service.”
Richard Fogle, IT Director
Grande Communications

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