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Freeit Data Solutions

Freeit – Over 75% of all Freeit customers replicate data within their organization. Freeit can help you develop a rock-solid backup and recovery strategy. Got critical information you need to replicate? We’re also experts at protecting mission critical applications, ensuring that your data is attainable and easy to access. We have customers in every major vertical known to man. We understand one size doesn’t fit all and we have a solution just for you. From education to healthcare to City municipalities, we have an answer for your data management needs. Our goal is to provide you with a clear, concise technology roadmap and strategic IT plan.

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Actifio – Actifio is a leader in backup and disaster recovery (DR)—offering customers the opportunity to protect virtual copies of data in their native format, manage these copies throughout their entire lifecycle, and use these copies for scenarios like development and test.

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Citrix – At Citrix, the focus is a single driving principle: making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access. Anywhere. At any time. And on any device or network. Citrix believes that technology should be a great liberator. Freeing organizations to push the limits of productivity and innovation. Empowering people to work anywhere and at anytime. And giving IT the peace of mind that critical systems will always be accessible and secure.

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Cloudian – Scalability and modular growth for files and objects. Simplify your capacity-intensive storage. Consolidate files and objects to an easily-managed, petabyte-scalable system. For objects, get the industry’s most compatible S3 API. For Window/Linux files, get enterprise NAS features including WORM, snapshots, and high-availability. All in a limitlessly scalable platform that saves time and saves cost.

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CTERA –  Comprehensive file services. Zero compromises. CTERA is the only company to integrate endpoint, office and cloud file services with uncompromising IT security, cloud choice and automation. At CTERA we want to provide enterprises with the best experience in managing how files are stored, accessed, shared and governed in a world where data flows between clouds, and users work and collaborate on the go. Data silos and storage tied to a specific location or hardware are in the past.

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ExaGrid – ExaGrid understands that deduplication is required, but how you implement it changes everything in backup. Data deduplication reduces the amount of storage required and also the amount of bandwidth for replication; however, if not implemented correctly, it will dramatically slow down backups, slow down restores and VM boots, and the backup window will grow as data grows. This is due to the fact that data deduplication is highly compute intensive; you don’t want to perform deduplication during the backup window and you also don’t want to restore or boot from a pool of deduplicated data.

ExaGrid provides the best level of data deduplication and has implemented data deduplication in a way that provides 3X the backup performance and up to 20X the restore and VM boot performance of other approaches. ExaGrid has a unique landing zone where backups can land straight to disk without any inline deduplication processing. Backups are fast and the backup window is short. Deduplication and offsite replication occur in parallel with the backups and never impede the backup process as they are always second-order priority. ExaGrid calls this “adaptive deduplication.”

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HYCU – Purpose-built backup and recovery for Nutanix. HYCU tapped into 25 years of expertise to bring you surprisingly simple, fully reliable application and data protection for Nutanix. Patented Application-Awareness technology sees through VMs to detect the applications, and completely protects them and your mission-critical data. Empower your application administrator with our self-service portal, and give you the freedom to choose the hypervisor you want. And with native integration, even deployment is a snap.

There’s no waiting, no learning and no hassle.

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HyTrust – Multi-Cloud Workload Security – Powerful Encryption, Policy and Access Control for Virtual and Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Environments. Virtualize More. Securely. Platform Secures Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud. 4

For most organizations, it’s not a question of whether to use cloud and virtualization, but rather how and how much. Whether private, public or hybrid cloud, many also reach a point where they would like to virtualize (and save) more, but a variety of regulatory, operational or security concerns keep them from moving forward the way they want to.

With the coming of products like VMware ESXi, NSX and vSphere, power is concentrated in the hypervisor. Because of the absolute power of the hypervisor over compute, storage and now network, it is vital to properly control access to admin/root accounts as well as control who can do what to the network and servers.

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Illumio – Illumio ASP delivers micro-segmentation that is enabled by combining vulnerability data with real-time traffic visibility. This powerful combination enables organizations to understand how their applications work, see where they are most vulnerable, and use that visibility to create and enforce micro-segmentation policies.

Rather than purchasing more infrastructure (firewalls, hypervisors upgrades, or switches), organizations use Illumio ASP to turn every workload into a point of traffic visibility, a point of micro-segmentation enforcement, and a sensor that detects any connectivity policy violations.

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INFINIDAT – The INFINIDAT enterprise storage solution is based upon the unique and patented INFINIDAT Storage ArchitectureTM (ISA). The INFINIDAT Storage Architecture is a fully abstracted set of software-driven storage functions layered on top of very low-cost commodity hardware. By shipping the software with a highly tested hardware reference platform, INFINIDAT can deliver the first true enterprise-class software-defined storage.

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Komprise – Komprise analyzes, moves and manages data across your storage to give instant savings of 70%+ without any disruption.

Plan storage capacity, identify and transparently archive cold data, create a low-cost DR copy, migrate data and shrink backups with Komprise.

The modern architecture uses no storage agents, no static stubs, and no changes to the hot data or metadata paths. Komprise creates no storage lock-in, has no scaling limits, requires no dedicated hardware, and is priced at a fraction of the alternatives.

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Mark43 – Mark43 is reinventing public safety software applications from the ground up, delivering unparalleled data integration and efficiency gains to first responders. Deliver better data to your dispatch with Mark43 CAD, the latest cloud technology enhancing the speed and performance of emergency response. Equip your department with Mark43 RMS, the seamlessly integrated application that is reinventing law enforcement data collection and management.

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Nexsan – Whether you require scalable and highly-flexible NAS, a global private-cloud sharing infrastructure, block storage for databases or Exchange, or secure archiving, you can trust Nexsan reliability and quality. We offer the only complete line of file, block, archive, and file sync and share solutions, saving you time and money.

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Nutanix – Nutanix enables IT teams to build and operate powerful multi-cloud architectures. Our Enterprise Cloud OS software melds private, public and distributed cloud operating environments and provides a single point of control to manage IT infrastructure and applications at any scale.

Nutanix solutions are 100% software-based, and are built on the industry’s most popular hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology, delivering a full infrastructure stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking and security to power any application, at any scale.

Nutanix software runs across different cloud environments to harmonize IT operations and bring frictionless mobility to all applications.

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Pivot3 – Pivot3 hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, powered by our Intelligence Engine, exceed today’s business and workload requirements in datacenter, video surveillance, smart city and IoT environments, whether on-premises or hybrid cloud. Pivot3 combines industry-leading performance, scale, efficiency, and resiliency with policy-based intelligence and automation that simplifies management and delivers better business outcomes.

Datacenter Series – Optimized to streamline IT operations, the Pivot3 Datacenter Series is architected for performance, scale and simplicity with NVMe flash and policy-based intelligence for confidently supporting multiple application workloads on-premise and the flexibility to easily integrate with public clouds.

Surveillance Series – Optimized to consolidate data storage, video management, smart city and IoT workloads, the Pivot3 Surveillance Series is a single, all-in-one IT infrastructure that delivers the performance, scalability and resiliency required to support today’s demanding surveillance requirements.

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Pure Storage

Pure Storage – Enterprise all-flash solutions provide the power, reliability, and simplicity you need to tackle the most demanding business and IT problems. Data Platform provides all the storage services – block, VM, file, or object – you need to consolidate everything, whether databases, virtual machines, analytics, or webscale. Picture that, with “6-9s” availability.

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Scality – Scality RING software-defined object storage provides a fundamentally different way to store and manage data, transcending the limitations of storage appliances and NAS.

  • Always On –Guaranteed 100% Uptime – Scality RING fully protects you against downtime. Which is to say, you won’t experience any. Ever. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.
  • Scale Capacity and Performance On Demand – When you need to grow, just add more servers. Scality RING automatically rebalances data to allow unlimited growth. No matter how many petabytes you scale to.
  • Enterprise Cloud Storage Ready – Scality RING provides a secure, S3-optimized cloud infrastructure for all your data, regardless of its type or format

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SwiftStack – SwiftStack is cloud storage for your enterprise. It’s like having your own AWS S3 for private applications. Modern applications have storage on-demand via a RESTful HTTP API, with both Swift and S3 fully supported. Also included are a broad set of client libraries for PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and other languages. For classic applications, NFS and SMB file services are also available via SwiftStack’s Filesystem Gateway.

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Symantec – Proven Leader in Security and Innovation. Innovation is in our DNA. The attackers are both innovative and relentless. And they only have to be right once—we have to defend against the onslaught, day in, day out. At Symantec, we never stop It’s fundamental to our culture at Symantec that we are never done. Our integrated products offer unparalleled protection and insight to reduce risk and lower costs across your entire organization.

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Tintri – Leverage all-flash with autonomous operation to deliver predictably exceptional performance. Manage up to 160,000 VMs and containers from one central console, with visibility across your infrastructure. Access value-add blocks, including scale-out, predictive analytics, data protection, and self-service.

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