Hurricane Disaster Recovery Plan
Hurricane Disaster Recovery Plan for IT

During this time of year, hurricanes arrive suddenly and can cause significant damage. While we can’t predict when we will be affected by a hurricane, we cannot ignore the heightened risk of data loss or downtime during hurricane season. The Atlantic hurricane season is June 1-November 30, according to the National Hurricane Center. Does your business have a hurricane disaster recovery plan?

Data Storage

Hurricane Harvey arrived two years ago and effected an estimated 30% of Texans, causing higher costs in damage than any other natural disaster in the U.S. after Hurricane Katrina. Many organizations believe a good distance to store physical backups is 10 miles from the business, but this will not prepare you for larger disasters. Of companies who lose their data, an estimated 60% will shut down within six months. It is for these reasons these many are turning to cloud solutions for disaster recovery. 

Financial Impact 

The financial impact of a hurricane could be significant for your company, even beyond the long-term implications of losing your data. With storms and natural disasters, businesses also face the risk of their network crashing. A network crash can cause a severe financial impact. According to a report conducted by IDC for Acronis, 80% of small and medium-sized business will lose $20k for every hour their network is down.  


Are you among the 75% of companies who are not using cloud solutions as a part of their disaster recovery? Cloud storage is a significantly more efficient and safe solution than storing physical copies of your data. When using the cloud to back up your storage, you are twice as likely to recover from a natural disaster within 4 hours, compared to companies who do not use cloud solutions. 

To learn more about cloud services and what they can provide for your business, check out our resource What is Backup As A Service? 

Taking Action 

We want to see your business successful and protected against all possible disasters. Contact us to learn more disaster recovery and discover which solution fits your company best, preparing you for this hurricane season and beyond.