Run for the Water is on the horizon!

Freeit is happy to sponsor this meaningful fundraising event for the 11th year “running.” For the past decade, Freeit has participated in Run for the Water to support the Gazelle Foundation. The Foundation is committed to providing clean water for the people of Burundi by building water projects that supply access to clean water for entire Burundi communities. Each registration fee subsidizes clean water for one Burundi person for life. Clean water is vitally important because it provides a path out of poverty, gives access to better health and education, creates stronger communities and job opportunities, and most of all: offers hope for a brighter future.

Freeit is passionate about Run for the Water because we believe in the importance of strong communities and partnerships. Our core values of a relationship-based approach to service and our dedication to personal and professional growth are reflected in our participation in events like this one.

The Gazelle Foundation’s Annual Run for the Water is scheduled for November 7th in Downtown Austin. Learn More about Run for the Water 

You may see members of our team on the course, and we will gather at the Freeit tent after the race. Our friends, family, customers, and partners are invited to join us! Reach out to for more information. We hope to meet you there.