Our top 3 takeaways from HPE Discover

Freeit Data Solutions, was live on the scene taking bets for what was a highly anticipated HPE Discover held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Three takeaways that HPE’s CEO, Antonio Neri seemed to be driving home included updates on HPE’s latest GreenLake offering, the future around Edge Computing, and the latest storage platform designed to take on the intelligent era, HPE Primera. Let’s take a look into what each of these means for the tech giant and the industry as a whole.


There has been a lot of chalk talk with HPE around the latest GreenLake offering, but what does it all mean? For those unaware, HPE is now providing businesses across all verticals with the ability to take advantage of HPE’s entire portfolio along with alliance technologies on a pay-per-use IT model that allows HPE to meter your usage – whether its gigabytes of storage, compute hours or megabytes of network traffic as a consumer. This flexibility will allow customers to gain visibility into your usage and costs, control your spending, and plan for and manage your capacity. In the next three years, HPE is promising to be a consumption-driven company and everything delivered will be available as-a-service by 2022 and to be clear, this announcement does not mean that HPE products and services can only be consumed through XaaS. Simply put, GreenLake is a delivery vehicle.

Edge Computing

Antonio Neri also created buzz around edge computing, describing it as a revolution in the computing era. He announced that HPE is investing 4 billion dollars over the next four years in the intelligent edge. HPE also announced the delivery of IoT and edge offerings that should accelerate the adoption of edge deployments. HPE’s vision seems quite simple, and their purpose as a company is to advance the way people work and live, and they are doing just that, and the “edge” where everything is hyper-connected and intelligent is where all the action is.

HPE Primera

HPE Primera is the company’s new “mission-critical” storage solution that uses Infosight to increase the performance of applications. Infosight came with the acquisition of Nimble Storage and is the company’s AI-based platform that provides predictive analytics and critical insights into the health of your array. HPE Execs are saying that Primera will have the capability to manage itself and predict and prevent issues beyond just your storage. This offering looks to boost HPE’s storage portfolio to challenge consistent performance at scale and NVMe/storage class memory along with a variety of other feature enhancements. HPE has touted a 100% availability guarantee as standard and promising to credit customers with “up to” 20 percent of the value of their Primera assets in the event of an outage. At Freeit, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as this is set to roll out to customers in August 2019.