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Why Choose Freeit?

At Freeit, we hate complex deployments, forklift upgrades, and lengthy training classes to learn how to manage your storage. Modern technology should be making data storage management easier, right? We know we aren't the only ones who feel this way. Our idea of making it simple is our mission statement. All of our solutions are easy to install, easy to manage and are more affordable than their legacy counterparts.

Richard Fogle, IT Director


“Our new, faster, and considerably more stable system has had a big impact!”

Steve Meyer, IT Manager


"Great company to work with. Very responsive to my needs as a customer."

Geoffrey Moon, IT Director

Kanaly Trust

“All of our support experiences have been excellent."

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Industry Leading Partnerships

Freeit strategically partners with innovative companies that are industry leaders in enterprise technology. We fully vet each partner’s solutions to ensure their technologies not only meet your business needs, but will also integrate seamlessly within your current and future IT environment.

Our Customers

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations free up resources, reduce costs, and meet their business needs. Check out some of our success stories.......